Product comparison

Why unifiber?

The gear is very good and I love to ride it. But also I appreciate the way of working as part of the team and in development. All ideas are welcome. We are listened to the results can be seen in the products. I am proud to be part of this process.

My gear


My home spot is "le Jaï", which works in almost all wind directions and strengths. It's a very good spot for slalom, freeride and freestyle, and is a friendly place to sail with a good atmosphere. It a good spot for all levels, but 'technical' when the Mistral blows strong!

Favorite spot

New Caledonia is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, where wind and sea conditions are just perfect. With turquoise water, reliable wind, great conditions for slalom, wave and SUP it's a location that just blows me away!