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Masts Selector 2019 V1

You Choose, We've got you covered!

Most sail brands now work on a range of masts of similar bend curve characteristics. Of course there are preferred models, but Unifiber knows your quiver evolves and needs to cover a range of options. As a dedicated mast brand, we’re the only producer to offer a stunning 100 different models over the 3 common bend curves: Hard Top, Constant Curve and Flex Top.

Intense research and measuring’s allowed us to perfect the most popular and suitable curves for the widest range of sails on the market with future-proof behaviours no matter which grade of carbon content or diameter you choose.

2019 Mast Selector now updated to reflect changes in 2019 sail brand collections, such as Duotone.

Aerotech RDM
Aerotech SDM
Attitude Sails RDM
Attitude Sails SDM
Avanti Sails RDM
Avanti Sails SDM
Bull Sails RDM
Challenger Sails RDM
Challenger Sails SDM
Duotone RDM
Duotone SDM
Ezzy Sails RDM
Ezzy Sails SDM
Gaastra / GA RDM
Gaastra / GA SDM
Goya Sails RDM < 430
Goya Sails RDM > 460
Gun Sails RDM
Gun Sails SDM
Hot Sails RDM
KA Sails RDM
KA Sails SDM
Loftsails RDM
Loftsails SDM
Maui Sails RDM
Maui Sails SDM
Naish RDM
Naish SDM
Neil Pryde RDM
Neil Pryde SDM
Point-7 RDM
Point-7 SDM < 430
Point-7 SDM > 460
S2 Maui RDM
S2 Maui SDM
Sailloft RDM
Sailloft SDM
Sailworks RDM
Sailworks SDM
Severne RDM
Severne SDM
Simmer Style RDM
Simmer Style SDM
Vandal Sails RDM
Vandal Sails SDM
XO Sails RDM
XO Sails SDM