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Job Verbunt, Jericoacoara, Brazil

Brand Story

First there is passion for windsurfing. Then great dedication to turn this passion into an independent windsurf accessory brand. Nowadays Unifiber covers a complete windsurf accessory assortment to fulfil any beginner-, amateur- or pro-windsurfer needs. 

How it started

Since the Unifiber brand was launched in 2003 founder and owner Job Verbunt from the Netherlands has held a clear no-nonsense attitude; keeping things clean and simple to deliver a fair price to quality product value backed-up by a no-nonsense genuine warranty policy.

Being a passionate windsurfer since the early 90’s, he knows what the market wants and listens with enthusiasm to other windsurfers starting Unifiber with a product range of 2 RDM Carbon Masts and 2 RDM Carbon Mast Extensions breaking with a bad old industry marketing  habit of renewing product graphics each year at the expensive of dealers and windsurfers devaluing product to push sales without improving the product. Who could suspect that approximately one decade later the Unifiber brand had grown to a full grown company with a range over 500+ products distributed to 40+ countries worldwide.

Listen- and improve culture

We have continued our methodical approach of listen, learn and improve taking care not to take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.

Unifiber initially set out to produce quality, value-for-money aftermarket masts in all the major bend curves. With the wider use of RDMs (ReducedDiameter Masts), choice became even more critical Unifiber rapidly expanded it range of masts to over 97 different models. Since this achievement it is possible to match almost any diameter, carbon content % and bend curve combination to fit the sail brand of your choice which since 2010 is communicated by our benchmark mast selector tool being a source for bend curve information and mast/sail compatibility for the windsurfing industry.

Continuous investments in the brand have now resulted in a continuous Research & Development program which will propel Unifiber to greater heights in the future while in parallel to keep focusing on elements that service and educate our customers the best way we can.

Sharing Knowledge

Windsurfing is one of the greatest sports ever invented but to experience it well basic knowledge and understanding about windsurfing and windsurfing gear are truly valuable assets to ensure the great experience windsurfing has to offer.

Along with broadening the range which resulted in a for some overwhelming large range of products, Unifiber continues to help simplify the choices of customers with educational content and assisting you to make the right selections to best match the demands of any type of windsurfer.