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Pros & Cons

  • G10 construction is the most durable fin construction
  • Swept back fin outline favors manoeuvrability on the wave

Windsurf Fin Specifications

Compare Product Fin Discipline Fin Area Fin Cover Weight (kg)
Wave G10 21 cm Power Box Wave 214 cm2 Yes 0.402 kg
Wave G10 21 cm US Box Wave 214 cm2 Yes 0.344 kg
Wave G10 23 cm Power Box Wave 247 cm2 Yes 0.448 kg
Wave G10 23 cm US Box Wave 247 cm2 Yes 0.384 kg
Wave G10 25 cm Power Box Wave 292 cm2 Yes 0.529 kg
Wave G10 25 cm US Box Wave 292 cm2 Yes 0.466 kg

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My tuttle box fin does not fit well in my board. It is too lose or too tight, what can I do about it?
The universal fin box width for tuttle box and deep tuttle box should be 16mm. We have done extensive research around the year 2014 finding out the the average width which is accomodated by the board which are by the way mostly manufactured by Cobra International - Thailand is 15,83mm. This said we have come accross boardbrands touching ranging from 15,3 till 16,1mm width!! Ever since we are producing tuttle and deep tuttle boxes based on this average figure to maximize the probability of fitting the fin well in any type of board regardless the boardbrand. When you suffer from a (deep) tuttle fin which is too lose it is most likely the board fin box is wider then the average of 15,83mm. This can cause the fin to be "sucked in" the board a little when tighting screws. When this happens there is not a large disadvantage in terms of spin-out sensitivity simply because the space will be filled by water which can not escape so a water on water film. When you suffer from a (deep) tuttle fin which is too tight it is most likely the board fin box is thinner then the average of 15,83mm. You might want to sand off the side flanks of the (deep) tuttle box fin to make it fit. Make sure to sand off equal sides. Last but not least please take in consideration the psychological factor: board (+/- EUR 2.000 retail value ) against fin (+/- EUR 150 retail value) it is tentative to look at flaws of the fin because it the retail value is much lower while from experience it is 9 out 10 situations it is the board box width not in tolerance.
My tuttle box fin is sinking deeper in the box then it should be?
First of all, too deep will normally not harm performance of the board - fin combo. Our experence goes as far as 5 mm too deep without negative effects. But for the purists....two ways are open to lift the fin. Add material inside the board fin box or add material to the fin itself. Easiest is adding material to the fin. Please add only material to the back (short) side. Holds also if you like to add material to the board box. What kind of material could be used? This ranges from simple crepe tape (20 mm wide) to thin layers of glas or carbon. Or add one or more layers of epoxy glue. Also 10 sec glue with added later on micro balons is a good and fast method. Again only modify the short - back part of the fin box. May be not very well known: A too deep fin gives extra oportunities in adjusting fin rake. More rake lifts your board nose. As a result your board will be easier to become free. Hence more speed potential. A few degrees change in rake angle will normally show a big difference in board feeling and speed potential.
What does 1 Year Unconditional + 1 Year Conditional warranty cover?
Warranty is valid 2 years after date of purchase. When making a warranty claim in the first year the product is unconditionally warranted. When making a warranty claim in the 2nd year the product must have clearly suffered from a manufacturer error.