Product comparison

Pros & Cons

  • Proven durability Tendon Joint HD
  • EVA covered disk which allows solid and secure non-slipping mounting as well effortless demounting
  • U-Pin is mounted on M10 internal thread which is stronger than other options with M8 external thread options
  • Tendon joint reduces sideway movement compared to Power Joint or Boge Joint options
  • Easy to replace Tendon Joint
  • Less shock absorbing capability compared to Power Joint or Boge Joint options
  • Total height higher compared to Pro Tendon design so Lower height comparable to other designs helps to keep center of effort of sails lower (minor effect)

Windsurf Baseplate Specifications

Compare Product Safety Measure Type of Joint U-Pin Construction Baseplate Height Weight (kg)
Baseplate Tendon Joint HD (U-Pin) Polyester Rope Tendon 10mm Thread external 95 mm 0.308 kg

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