Product comparison

Why unifiber?

The devil is in the detail. When flying with 4 or 5 boards, 8 masts, 6 sails and all the rest, you really need great bags that are easy to roll through customs to the car rental. When you get eaten by a huge wave in Western Australia you're relying on your hardware to not let you down - in those situations it is a long swim to get out of trouble. I know I can rely upon the gear.

My gear


Every windsurfers true dream! A house at a private beach with rigged sails, SUPs, speed, slalom, foil and raceboards in the store. For me it is the most perfect place to live in Sweden.

Favorite spot

I have sailed many places all over the world, and think it is hard to beat the spirit of Karpathos. The wind is also so good, and it is so close to the airport, that if you visit for 7 days you can sail 8. I love it there!