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Mast FAQs

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What is the internal diameter of Unifiber's RDM masts?

Unifiber RDM masts have a 33-mm. internal diameter up to 600 mm. from the base, tapering to 32mm above 600mm

How far into a Unifiber RDM mast does the internal diameter stay the same width?

Unifiber RDM masts stay at a constant 33 mm. internal width up to 600 mm. into the base section. Beyond 600 mm. the internal width tapers to 32 mm.

What's the minimum overlap required for a mast extension inside a Unifiber mast?

Unifiber recommends a minimum of 100 mm. of mast extension to overlap the inside of the mast to prevent stress load damaging the base of the mast. 

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What kind of breaking strain can a Unifiber mast withstand?

In testing Unifiber masts can endure stress of up to 180 kg.

Why are Unifiber mast's top and bottom pieces different lengths?

Unifiber produce masts on existing mandrels, with integrated ferrules, based on the principle of optimum load distribution, regardless of section length. If we invested in new mandrels - and even matched the current consistency and performance we deliver - then the higher cost of production would impact on the price-to-quality ratio we could offer our customers. If your quiver bag does not fit the longer section, please consider a Unifiber quiver bag that will take the longer bottom piece of masts up to 490. 

Which masts do you measure for the data of the Mast Selector Matrix Tool?

Mostly we take multiple C100 masts as the reference of various brands, in general those represent the most accurate bend curve of the sails. This is because sail brands design the sails to perform best on those C100 masts.

We also found quite big differences in tolerances regarding production with all brands. Fluctuations of bend curves and stiffness from +/- 1-2 points (bend curve) which proves that none of the brands are 100% consistent. So we measure several masts per brand and take the average of those measurements into account when constructing the Mast Selector Matrix Tool. Read more on this subject.

Can I interchange top and bottom mast pieces of Unifiber masts - for example a 430 bottom with a 400 top?

The answer is no - read this post to find out why!

Why do your SDM 100% masts cost more proportionally than the 40/60/80% models?

Unifiber's SDM C100 masts have an additional (radial) compression layer for durability reasons, since many brands' C100 masts were breaking due to an increase in luff curve, on race sails especially. As SDM C100s need to be light and durable there are more costly materials used to reach this objective. Without the additional compression layer the durability aspect would be not as good. We are confident you will find our masts perform well in all 3 bend curves.